Limited print coming soon!

"All the noise quiets down" The sequel to Nothing.

And we love it!

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About Re-tale 

Re_tale is a zine and indie publishing distro originated in Glasgow, UK. Over the years, we have collated many titles, mostly produced all over the place as we moved our way down south, so you could say our limited catalog is a nomad reflection of that.


Currently based in Birmingham, UK, our zines also include a few nostalgic Brazilian titles, which were brought over the pond and have attracted the curiosity of fellow writers and zinesters, keeping them alive wherever we go. 

Most our titles land on fictional shores with the right amount of experimental and brutal truth. Our current curation with The Fiction Project, brings documentary and fiction mixed in one single print.​

We are always on the lookout for new contributors and are always willing to help out. So get in touch, don't be shy, there's always room for more in our site!

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